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A must-have for anyone working with food in the Superyacht industry

Course Overview

Practical learning in a working service environment. 

Practical demonstrations, theory and hands-on practical participation, including guest service (if applicable).

The course provides practical learning in a hands-on environment and includes practical demonstrations, theory and hands-on practical participation in a live setting.

You’ll learn to master the exact measures for specific coffee types, timing, coffee pouring, preparing and foaming milk and coffee service.

The ½ day training prepares candidates for both the theoretical and practical elements of the assessment.This course is a must for anyone in the hospitality and service industry and people with an interest in the Barista Course such as:

  • Chefs, Caterers, Bar staff
  • Stewards and stewardesses, Chief Stewardesses, service staff
  • Hospitality and catering staff
  • Culinary teachers and students

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